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Whence Blows the Wind

It’s a bit ironic, I think. One of the major factors in me wanting to play FFXI again was that I really enjoyed writing these Ereblog entries. Obviously, this is not quite turning out as planned. Back before, when I was in college, real life was trivially easy to handle (a few hours of class a day, if that? Psch) and FFXI was somewhat frustrating (wacky AXI policies combined with the group-only nature of the game) so I had plenty of free time to plan and construct elaborate Ereblogs. These days, work and other matters of living alone eats up a substantial amount of time, FFXI is easy to get into and I have an absurd long list of goals, and so the time I previously used to write Ereblog vanishes – I keep trying to start an entry, but I see a shout I want to go on or someone is doing something I want to jump in to and so it got put off and put off until just too much freaking stuff piled up. I talked about this issue in a previous Ereblog years ago - still true today.

In response to the rather overwhelming organizational challenge of trying to keep myself caught up, I’m going to subdivide these Ereblog entries. For the next six entries or so, I’m going to talk about first my current events in game and then how one of my six main jobs (DNC, WAR, WHM, BLU, BLM, SMN) is doing and how it has changed in the past 15 levels of new abilities and gear. This means that stuff that happened weeks or months in the past will get put on hold until I get further down the list but I think it’s going to be for the best.

So! Here we go!

Whence Blows the WindCollapse )

I Can Dance if I Want To.Collapse )



Are we Mithra or are we Dancer?

Question: How do you write an entry that you never planned to write?
Answer: With as much style as possible.
And so, with apologies to basically everyone everywhere, to the tune of "Human" by The Killers...

I did my best to move on
See the world outside my door
Got a job outside my home state
Real life can be such a chore
And sometimes I get antsy
When I read the Zam forums
Fun updates
Add on zones...
Whole new game

Are we mithra?
Or are we dancer?
Computer’s healthy
Controller’s found
And I've got my keys
Security token
Reactivate char
Ere is awoken

Pay my respects to game balance
Finally moving past seventy-five
Give my regards to the old Whitegate,
Gone are the days when it would thrive.
And so long to Colibri camps
Mamool Ja and the Mire
It’s barren
Days have passed...
It can die in a fire
Are we mithra?
Or are we dancer?
My limits broken
My skills uncapped
And I'm on my way
To Cavernous Maw
100k per hour
I’m in awe

Hit 90 in hours, not days
Upgrading armor is fast, new ways
Some giant kills me – hey, that’s cheating!
Get BLM to 85 and give it a beating

Are we mithra?
Or are we dancer?
Upgrading my daggers
Long way to go
And I'm on my blog
Writing these crazy song

Abyssea saved the game!

Are we mithra?
Or are we dancer?
New horizons to see
New mobs to beat
And I'm in the red
Saw some bad chance
Come on come on...
Thank God for Fan Dance!

Are we mithra?
Or are we dancer?

Returning mithra
Let’s play some dancer!

Because this entry is, ahem, "themed", it doesn't really sum up all my thoughts and observations on my return to FFXI about a week ago, as well as all the friendly faces that still play along with the new ones I've met in such a short time, but it seemed like a very good place to start.
So. Sup!

Erecia: Fin

Because I occasionally get comments on my final entry over a year ago asking what happened to me, even after all this time, I feel the need to wrap this up for good. I quit close to a year ago and I have no intention of coming back. While I still think the game is probably fun, I have a job and a life and stuff and this game takes too much time to play while also having other commitments besides college. The fact that most, if not all, of my close friends slowly left the game as well was also a major contributing factor. No offense to any that may be left. I just think I was probably around slightly too long.

Probably the only thing anyone cares about regarding me anymore is the CoP Guide. I did remove the guides by choice several years ago, back in 2008. I put them back up almost immediately, well within a week. The guides being down now is because my friend's server seems to be completely gone. I was never hosting them myself. I don't have my own server to put them on either.

I wouldn't object to someone else hosting them, but I'm not going to go searching for hosts or anything. If anyone reading this wants to host them, or knows a guy, or knows a guy that knows a guy, or knows a guy that knows a guy that has a brother with a roommate that doesn't care about FFXI but has way too much sever space, or whatever the situation may be, then I wouldn't object to that. I can zip up the files and send them on over.

Otherwise, this is pretty much goodbye. For real. I mean it. I'm serious. Completely 100%. Probably.

Final Fantasy XI Update Bingo!


I'll totally make a real entry at some point.
Holy SHIT at this dancer update



Ere's Yearly Stats and Analysis, 2010

This year's stats:

But the stats are fairly meaningless without baselines.

Last year's stats:

And the year before, which represents about 4 years of on-and-off playing:

As with last year's entry, I am going to do some math to compare yearly averages to see what is going up and what is going down. However, unlike previously, I quit for exactly seven months (left: last day of Sept; returned: first day of May) and so these stats only represent 5 months of playtime. So I am going to divide all my stats for this year by 5/12ths, which roughly doubles them, to gain corrected values that would project what they "should" be for an entire year. Confused? Just keep reading.

(the engineer in me is forced to point out that actually compensating for a break introduces a number of minor factors such as breaks taken previously not being accounted for and any possible increase of playtime in different parts of the year. I react to this in three ways: 1) I can't remember any other breaks so I can't subtract them 2) I'm pretty sure these factors are pretty small and, most importantly, 3) who really gives a crap? I'm just doing this for kicks)

Chat frequency
First 4 years, average: 110693 yearly, 303 daily
Previous year: 57271 yearly, 157 daily
This year, raw: 20485 yearly, 56 daily
This year, corrected: 49164 yearly, 135 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 52%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 49%

Chat frequency continues to drop. Though I haven't reinstalled ventrillo yet since coming back, I do remember doing far more chatting on vent than I was in game. I'm not sure if I'm going to go that route again though as it did tend to strongly exclude anyone not on ventrillo and there are lots of people i like in game that just don't use it.

Conversation with NPCs
First 4 years, average: 16857 yearly, 46 daily
Previous year: 19974 yearly, 55 daily
This year, raw: 6358 yearly, 17 daily
This year, corrected: 15259 yearly, 41 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 120%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 87%

A lot closer to the average than last year on this one. I do wonder why I talk to so many NPCs though. The moogle for job changing probably counts.

Parties Joined
First 4 years, average: 966 yearly, 2.6 daily
Previous year: 953 yearly, 2.6 daily
This year, raw: 342 yearly, 0.9 daily
This year, corrected: 821 yearly, 2.2 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 99%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 85%

Down, mysteriously. I can't think of any reasonable explanation for why this might be. Maybe I'm getting lazier.

Alliances Joined
First 4 years, average: 273 yearly, 0.75 daily
Previous year: 349 yearly, 0.96 daily
This year, raw: 140 yearly, 0.38 daily
This year, corrected: 336 yearly, 0.92 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 128%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 117%

This is still up, even with average being higher because of last year. It seems that I my trend of joining less parties and more alliances is continuing. Endgame happens.

Battles Fought
First 4 years, average: 14319 yearly, 39 daily
Previous year: 28551 yearly, 78 daily
This year, raw: 7698 yearly, 21 daily
This year, corrected: 18475 yearly, 51 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 199%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 107%

A lot closer to the average than last year, that's for darn sure. May of last year was around the time when my salvage and nyzul groups began to fail so I was killing a lot less enemies after that. Still, the average is way high with that 199% year in there, so even being above 100% for this year proves I'm still doing a lot more fighting than I was previously.

Number of Times KO'd
First 4 years, average: 405 yearly, 1.1 daily
Previous year: 549 yearly, 1.5 daily
This year, raw: 166 yearly, 0.5 daily
This year, corrected: 390 yearly, 1.1 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 136%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 92%

KO's down is incredible, considering that average is loaded with years of playing low risk jobs like WHM and BRD. Maybe I'm less of an idiot on BLM and WAR this year than I was last year.

Enemies Defeated
First 4 years, average: 4824 yearly, 13.2 daily
Previous year: 10340 yearly, 28.3 daily
This year, raw: 3137 yearly, 8.6 daily
This year, corrected: 7529 yearly, 20.6 daily
Previous year compared to average of previous four years: 214%
This year compared to average of all five years, corrected: 127%

Much like battles fought, the huge spike last year really upped the average, so being so much higher than 100% this year is pretty nice. But then again I've been doing a lot of BLMing and BLUing and WARing and those blasted Magian weapons, so it's to be expected.

GM Calls Made
Can't be bothered to call GMs

Six years of the better parts of my life down the drain. Still, I do see growth in myself, both in and out of the game. I remember writing last year's entry at a friend's house while waiting for them to come home from work. To think of all the things I did this year that I hadn't done before, well, let's just say that it makes that seven month gap in the records seem completely justified.


With apologies to Andrew Hussie, the fans of Homestuck, and basically everyone else everywhere...


If you don't get it, I sure as hell ain't explaining!

Proper update coming sooner or later.

Child of Dawn


I find myself with more freetime than interesting hobbies again, so I think I'm coming back to FFXI again in time to enjoy the chaos caused by the upcoming level cap increases. I reaallly don't have time for the whole huge hardcore playing I did before but I can probably squeeze in enough stuff to be interesting again.

Things I need before I can get back to the swing of things:
  • A new controller. Old one seems to be broken :(
  • A new version of windower. My old one also seems to be broken...
  • Linkpearls that are not also broken. Seems there were various revolutions and stuff in the 9 months or so that I was gone. What's up in AXI or SX, guys?
  • Odin and Alexander, cuz they look awesome.
It'll probably take me a few days to get back up to speed. And yes, restarting the game does mean restarting Ereblog. Always did love writing for this thing.

Hello, newcomers from Fairy! Say hi if you see me on Sylph!

Goodnight, Vana’diel - Qutting FFXI

I suppose there is no point in continuing to beat around the bush. I am not just quitting FFXI for good – I did so over a month ago and have only recently decided to admit that to myself and others.


The fact of the matter is that my life has changed drastically recently, largely for the better. I am financially independent with a stable, entertaining job in a climate and area where, for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy being outdoors. While I have stopped playing many times in the past, they were largely because of events in my life taking temporary priority over playing the game –thinks like work, school, or holiday breaks. This doesn’t feel like any of those. This feels like a completely new lifestyle that is a permanent change. There’s no waiting this one out – this is my life now. I like it (a lot, actually) but it simply doesn’t leave time for throwing five or six or twelve hours a day at a game like this, nor do I feel the burning inspiration within to try to accomplish my remaining goals in the game as to feel justified devoting that sort of time. In short, it’s hard to justify an exp party in the thickets or camping sandworm for 5 hours when I could be laying on the beach or playing volleyball with friends.

A lot of my lack of enthusiasm also has to do with my general dissatisfaction at SE and the content updates of the game over the past two years: The apparently permanent fact that melee damage will always be more effective than magic damage in almost every situation; the general failure to incorporate the new jobs into the larger game through specialized roles and gear selection; summoners not getting a new avatar in like 5 years (I’m still pissed about Ixion); less new content less often with add on packs containing most of the meat (and I use this term in the loosest possible term) that barely justify the price you have to pay for them. I could go on and on about the myriad problems here, filling a hundred Ererants if I really wanted to. But that’s not really how I want to use my goodbye post. I’ll probably still troll Alla though to satisfy any remaining urges to rant.

I don’t plan to return. As such, I am willing to get rid of Erecia permanently. I’d be willing to cut my good friends on the game a deal, but if anyone else wants the character I don’t feel too bad asking for some money for it, though I would be willing to agree to less than what you may normally pay for a character like this. As of right now, everything I had on my character when I quit is going down with the ship. Erecia has about 3.5 million gil on her, six well-geared and merited 75 jobs (WHM, BLM, SMN, BLU, DNC, WAR – all of these are endgame ready with lots of rare/ex gear as well as AH bought stuff) two ungeared 75 jobs (PLD, BRD – both have a fair amount of rare/ex stuff though, like full relic and homam), and one mid-level job (COR) along with essentially every subjob any of the above would ever want. If there are any specific questions about the gear, merits, or other in-game accomplishments I will clarify if asked. Leave a comment here if you’re interested with an email where we can talk. I have a security token, which I could deactivate permanently or send via mail, your choice. Serious offers only, please (though if you want to leave an email or something so we can just chat, that’s cool)

Welp. It’s about that time.

This will be my last Ereblog post. I sent messages to everyone on the game that I could find online. If I missed you,  feel free to leave a comment here so we can say goodbye properly. For anyone that has some sort of beef with me for anything I may have done in or outside the game, consider this an apology for me behaving badly – you can also leave a comment if you’d like a more specific “I’m sorry”. To everyone else, the people that (for whatever wacky reason) read this and have gotten to know me through my oddball sense of self-review and criticism, thank you for dropping by. It’s been an inspiring, enlightening, and joyful trip through the game with you all. At your next BCNM fight, pretend I am there in spirit, making hasty battle strategies crisscrossed with odd and largely inappropriate sarcasm. That’s how I want to be remembered, I think.

Keep fighting the good fight! Goodnight, Vana’diel!

Reality Paradigm

I have seen many sunsets in my life, but until this week I have never seen one over the Gulf of Mexico while treading water over my head a few hundred feet off of a beach that I can drive to in less than a half hour from my home. It's moments such as this that make me realize how much of my life I was missing up in the frozen north where the weather doesn't agree with me for most of the year. 

I am really enjoying my new location, though there are some practical downsides, such as not being able or willing to play FFXI as much as I have previously. I am now living completely on my own and have a job with regular hours in a warm climate. Suffice to say, the days of spending most of the afternoon, evening, and late night several times a week playing Final Fantasy are right out, if only because I start work early now. Dems the breaks for me.

I am not quitting FFXI though. SX is a great linkshell, and, had I the time I did previously, I could really thrive there and get into their events pretty hardcore. I do not have this time though so I am trying to make do with what I have and am willing to spend. This has translated into doing a lot of mid-afternoon salvage and some shorter SX events like sea gods and limbus that get done at a reasonable time for me to get a solid night's sleep. There's always talk of them starting something else after I go to bed, and a part of me really wants to just stay up and do it, but I'm pretending to be a responsible adult right now and that has certain consequences.

I am around though, so say hi when ya see me.

On a related note, one of my hobbies has always been traveling to new cities and seeing people I've known online for years and have always wanted to meet. I've actually done pretty good on this one - knocked three people off the list this year alone. I've been willing to do basically all of the leg work up until now since I can't imagine anyone wanting to visit Michigan for any reason, but now that I live in sunny Clearwater, Florida, things are a bit different. This is an open, indefinite, and quite serious invitation to anyone I know from FFXI: if you're going to be in the Tampa/Clearwater area any time in the future, feel free to tell me and we can meet up. I can offer a free (albeit a bit small) room and board for a couple days and we can have dinner or go to the beach or Busch Gardens or whatever you want to do in the area. Saying again that I'm serious about this. So if you'll be in the area, or want a quick vacation at little more than the cost of an airline ticket, let me know.

That's all for the moment. Nothing all that FFXI-y to report really since the limited things I've been doing the past weeks have been largely uneventful. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things again as I continue to adjust to my life down here.